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MDO is a flexible tool for managing your field work processes and sites all the way from planning to rollout and maintenance. In the heart of MDO are tools for digitalizing your processes and documents, secure storing of legacy documents, and sharing information between multiple partners. Cloud and mobile based modules for site/asset, field work, project, fault and cost management enable you and your business partners to easily document what has been done, when and by whom in real time – and to access and share information securely anytime, anywhere. Step into the future with MDO and manage your processes in one centralized system – flexibility of MDO allows to meet your changing requirements with a few clicks. MDO fully adapts to needs and practices of several industries, for example to contractors, constructors, real estate property maintenance and management and network operators.
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  • MDO reduces the number of systems needed.

    No more separate systems for different processes or sharing critical data via e-mails and attachments. With MDO you need only one system which supports the field work, site and asset documentation digitally or via attachment management to cover steps from on-site planning to maintenance. In other words you can manage whole lifecycle constructing new, renovating old or managing existing properties with MDO. Modules for projects, price lists, orders and billing allow you to also monitor health and costs of your processes. All information will be stored on one secure system which offers a quick access to your data anytime, anywhere. MDO is easy to deploy since no extra devices are required and the modules can be brought into use in stages.

  • Real time on-site mobile documentation.

    The documentation tools and check-lists in the app (selection lists, texts, pictures, videos) enable real-time on-site documentation with mobile device. The result: more even quality for reports and up-to-date documents always instantly available regardless of the employee.

  • Faster deployment times.

    Real-time documentation and information exchange between multiple parties enable faster deployment times and billing cycles. Accurate documentation also reduces reclamations as well as material losses.

  • More satisfied customer.

    MDO enables documentation directly on the field which results a more even quality of reports and faster tools to react to possible changes, irrespective of who has done the documentation. As a result less reclamations and more satisfied customer.

Swiss army knife of work documentation: versatile and high-class tool always in your pocket.

MDO adapts to several industries

  • MDO provides you consistent and accurate documents, irrespective of who has completed the work. The more even quality of reports reduces reclamations.

    MDO increases traceability of who has done what and when. All documentation is to manage centrally and easy to share between multiple parties.

  • With MDO you can manage efficiently documents during construction and warranty periods.

    Documentation tools in the mobile app enable real time on-site documentation. Acceptance tools speed up billing and project acceptance. MDO allows you to follow and manage work progress in real time (for example planning, HVAC- and equipment installations).

  • MDO supports you to manage all real estate documentation – from administrative and technical documents to maintenance requests.

    Enhance communication between you and property maintenance with MDO. Send maintenance requests and view the documents in MDO Hub right after the work has been completed. MDO also allows you to serve your customers in a new way: Your customers can send fault tickets with a photo included by using the MDO mobile app which helps finding the right solution quickly.

  • With MDO you can quickly send a maintenance requests to employees and always have an up-to-date status of what has been done, when and by whom.

    Maintenance workers receive work orders, tasks, fault tickets and site information directly to their mobile devices. With MDO mobile application they can easily document the work progress and synchronize the information to MDO Hub. The documents are instantly available and always of even quality, regardless of employee.

  • MDO cloud- and mobile clients support to manage the whole network life cycle and enhance the work documentation and information sharing.

    Send work packages directly to employee’s mobile device. MDO mobile application enables on-site documentation and real-time synchronizing to MDO Hub. You always have an up-to-date status of work progress which allows you immediately react to the situation on the field if needed.

Secure and easy-to-use

MDO work and documentation management system consists of MDO Hub and a mobile application MDO Mobile. MDO Hub is a cloud based service for inventory, cost, work and documentation management. Work orders created in Hub can be directly sent to a mobile client. Hub also contains modules for cost and project management.

Communication between MDO Hub and MDO mobile occurs by using commercial mobile or Wi-Fi network with SSL secured connections – Making your information and communication always secure.

MDO in different devices
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Always up-to-date documents with MDO Mobile

MDO Mobile app is a handy tool for viewing infrastructure data, completing work orders, fault tickets and on-site work documentation. Voice guided navigation shows the way to the site. Documentation tools in the app (selection lists, texts, pictures, videos) enable completing of work orders with a mobile device on the field. A full documentation of what has been done is available right after the work has been completed and the information synchronized from app to MDO Hub. You will always have an up-to-date status of the work progress and if necessary, it is possible to react to the current situation at once. In addition, real-time documentation speeds up billing cycles since the documents are ready and available right when you need them.

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